Monday, July 5, 2010

#36 Chartreuse in July teeny tiny envelopes

Well, I had the good fortune to send some of my teeny tiny envelopes on their way to a lovely woman in Michigan who is using them for her Halloween wedding. I did manage to find one more set of Halloween envelopes, though. And believe it or not, they're chartreuse, just like the new set I'm offering today. I made it all the way to #40, but now I'm resetting to #36 and #37. And here they are!

Oh, and I thought of two other ways to use teeny tiny envelopes. They make great stocking stuffers -- we're going to put some in the travel bags we bought for our wedding attendants, along with some pretty toiletries. But I also think that tooth fairies everywhere would find them fun to use when they stick a quarter or a dollar -- or whatever the going rate is -- under tiny heads at night.

See ya tomorrow. And thanks for looking!

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