Tuesday, July 6, 2010

#38 Take me out to the circus teeny tiny miniature square envelopes

Today's envelopes have a certain cheer to them -- the colors are bright, the lines in the patterns remind me of a circus awning and the three rings where all the action takes place. There are 18 of them -- six in each pattern. I think they're useful for many things, among them scrapbook journaling, love notes, lunch box notes or gifts in their own right. They're also good for tooth fairies and stocking stuffers.

Last night I took all the scraps I've gathered from making teeny tiny envelopes during this challenge and punched out several hundred butterflies, my form of upcycling. They're also for sale in my shop.

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Maria Palito said...

Hello Quirkyn
You have a nice blog ! Congratulations :P