Saturday, March 1, 2008

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CCCOE February Challenge Entries - LUCKY CHARMS

23. abstract lucky charm 4 leaf clover pendant by jenniferreadington

22. Luck of the Irish by anniek

21. She has an Irish Brogue by Onyx of Treslocas

20. Lucky Minx Scarf by phydeaux

19. Feeling Centered and Lucky Necklace by AmandaKLockrowJewels

18. Silk Drawstring Tarot Card Bag by Oceanavesilks

17. February Birthstone Pendant by Marie Julie

16. Broadway Cricket Struts Her Stuff Down 42nd Street by peggradyart

15. Gilbert and George's Lucky Origami Peace Cranes by Nancy McNally aka localcolorist

14. Jinx the Lucky Cat by buttercupbloom

Lucky number 13!! Lucky Charms by CalyxAnn

12. Lucky in love!! by mycatlulu

11. Elephants for luck by QuirkynBerkeley

10. Larry the Lucky Llama by visionquest

9. Lucky Little Snot Mens Handkerchiefs Set by Knittergirl

8. Shamrock is the new Black by Tresijas

7. Chinese Animal Lucky Charms by Wumpus

6. Super lucky button horseshoe earrings by AlliesAdornments

5. Land of the Leprechauns by RedBessBonney

4. Lucky Fish Necklace by luchi

3. Good Karma charm bracelet by ElenaMary

2. Lucky Charm Magic Wand by NeedleWorks

1. Spirit Charm - OOAK by PalleikoDesigns