Friday, August 26, 2011

Two days in a row???

Well, I finished up the last of my 12x12 designer sheet and decided to make individual cards rather than another set. With the new Etsy stats available for my shop, I've learned that people are eager to find retirement cards. I finally made one.

With my own first wedding anniversary coming up, I guess anniversary cards were just on my mind, so something simple that can go to a couple or to a man or a woman ...

Then I realized I hadn't made any baby cards all year long. I thought this one was very sweet, and could be used for a girl or a boy.

And last but not least, a card for a new Mr. & Mrs.

As always, if you want to know more about the cards, just click on the photo! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Sheet Wonders and Writer's Block

Let's face it -- I'm a sporadic blogger.

But for those of you who do make it by, I thought I'd post a little bit about what I've been working on. It's a part of Stampin' Up! culture and it's called a One Sheet Wonder. The idea is that you take one sheet of 12x12 patterned paper -- or Designer Series Paper (DSP) in Stampin' Up! lingo -- and cut it into something like 16 assorted rectangles and squares (I used a template by Jennifer Taylor which you can find here) and then make it into cards. This approach is powerful, since many card artists will tell you that one of the hardest things they have to do in their work is make the first cut into a gorgeous 12x12 sheet of designer paper. It can be like writer's block in a way -- that blank (or in this case, printed) page staring back at you waiting to be turned into something -- with the potential, in the right hands, to become wonderful.

Some people try to make all 16 cards in one hour, but I try to design each card one by one as a unique art piece rather than make as many cards as I can in as short a time as I can, which is a challenge of another sort.

So far, I've made three sets of three cards each using a retired DSP called Botanical Gazette. The paper I chose has olive green butterflies and moths on a dotted green background.

Here's what I've done so far -- hope you enjoy the cards, and maybe decide to try your own One Sheet Wonder challenge. To visit my Etsy shops and find out more about the cards, just click on any of the photos. Thanks!

Birthday Card Set

Thinking of You Card Set

Friendship Card Set