Sunday, July 4, 2010

#40 The prettiest set yet

Have you heard about my teeny tiny envelope challenge? I'm going to list a new set of teeny tiny envelopes every day in my Etsy shop until I have a hundred listed. Since I sold some yesterday, I'm not really at 40 right now, but it would be confusing to do this any other way. Anyway, here's set #40, which is made of paper, and I think they're some very pretty papers.

Basically, my teeny tiny envelopes come in different varieties -- some are made of paper, some are made of cardstock. Some of the cardstock is double-sided, which means it's printed on both sides. Some of it is just white on the back. Some of the cardstock is textured, which makes for lovely teeny tinies. Some of them are 1.25x1.25 inches with rounded flaps -- very tiny, and some are 2.25x2.25. Both sizes are die cut using different methods. I have a third type which I haven't introduced into my shop yet, so stay tuned for something different to make an appearance. Oh, and the flap of the larger envelopes can be gummed on request (I have special glue that you can lick to seal the envelope).

So thanks for following along and supporting this little self-imposed challenge to revitalize my shop, and thanks for coming by for a visit.

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