Saturday, February 16, 2008

Creative Curves

Michelle of CreativeCurves was one of those children who made endless pasta necklaces, fascinated with the shapes and the designs they made, loving jewelry but never expecting that it would be the start of a career. In fact, though she pondered going to art school after high school, she chose college and one degree in sociology, followed by a master's in special education and early childhood education. She taught for several years, all the while making jewelry in her spare time. Finally, she stopped teaching full-time to focus on her love of glass and jewelry-making instead.

Michelle is self-taught in metals, and fell in love with making glass beads in a class she took. She has been making them off and on for the last three years. She found Etsy "almost by accident" while looking for an online outlet for her crafts. "It was the best find on the internet as I have not only met some wonderful artists and purchased some great work, I have made some great customers in the process." Her Etsy shop has one-of-a-kind pieces with her wire work and lampwork glass beads. As she describes it, "It has jewelry of all sorts that is vibrant and unusual and made for the individualistic woman. I strive for different and unique and let my mind run wild in the creation process."

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