Thursday, February 14, 2008

Orion Stars

Bredette of OrionStars has been blending oils for at least ten years, and she never tires of new scents/blends. "I love being able to combine the essence of plants together to help with certain ailments or just to excite that olfactory system!" She uses Pure Natural essential oils as opposed to fragrance/perfume oils, in part because her own nose is not equipped to deal with artificial ingredients. "I must use only the purest ingredients," she says emphatically. "Essential oils are the immunity to the plant it exists in. Wouldn't you want that immunity boost?"

Her favorite blend is Bitch Away (which helps with menstrual cramps/migraines and sore muscles). "It's helped so many people (as well as myself) and my feedback is always so wonderful! I love all my oils and I love to see how the world responds to them."

Bredette finds inspiration in every new day, whether it's from other herbalists, art, sewing, or even an interesting recipe. She also can't go without saying her son inspires her to the fullest. "Inspiration makes my world go 'round!"

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