Sunday, February 17, 2008


David of MIZombie is based in Lansing, Michigan, which is home to the greatest car brand in the world the Oldsmobile, he points out. Keeping him company as he works his craft are three cats -- Darkness, Eight Ball (son of Darkness) and Dice. You can often find him in one of the Etsy chat rooms or working on his blog, listen to '80s music (he also maintains an '80s Web site).

David, a smoker for 23 years before he quit, tried using incense to try to cover up the smell of stale cigarettes. After trying some premade sticks that he describes as horrid, he started making his own sticks and cones and started selling on Etsy and on his own site. This busy man also maintains an online stop-smoking support group

His goal is to have a better way of life and to be self-sufficient without the need for working for a corporation. "Once I can really get going I plan to use some of the income to fix up my house and get new appliances and furniture. I had a decent first year for 2007 but I am ready to get to that next level. I have sold over 500 items (by Etsy's measure) and had nearly 300 total orders. I have now sold hundreds of items on my own site and now about 60 orders there."

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