Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summertime reading

Every month, EtsyBloggers have a blog carnival. It seems that there's a topic or two each month about which we all blog. Pretty fun stuff. One of the topics this month was books we read over the summer. Well, my summer's been filled with wedding planning, and most of my reading has been related to that -- it's only four weeks away. I didn't have a favorite book, but I did find the latest one I read to be very helpful: it's I Do! I Do!: The Marriage Vow Workbook, designed to help me create inspiring marriage vows that will sustain my marriage now and in years to come. I got it on Amazon. Hopefully, it will help me do exactly what it say. Thanks for stopping by!

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TheSeaWithin said...

Moving consumed most of my summer. Once settled, I did read Madame Bovary, which I really enjoyed. I'm collecting the Penguin clothbound classics, so I'm buying some books that I haven't read and hadn't really planned to read. It's a good way to make me read new books!