Monday, February 4, 2008

Elena Mary

"I have been an artist all of my 60-plus years and have never imagined doing anything else," says Elena Mary. "I was encouraged from a very young age to be creative.

"As I get older I find what influences me most are world affairs and politics. I am very fearful for our planet and what sort of polluted mess my granddaughter will eventually be living in. In the last 10 years I have been creating a whole range of unique bookworks and have found success with selling and showing these one of a kind creations. Increasingly these books are becoming more political and the most recent, BLOOD, was inspired by the profoundly disturbing and fascinating recent film, There Will Be Blood, about the beginning of our quest for oil on the West Coast. Other influences are the Surrealist, DADA and symbolist artists and writers..I love the writing of Italo Calvino and Jorge Luis Borges, as well as Arthur Rimbaud and lately the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen...very mysterious and surreal.

"Since I have opened my Etsy shop I have enjoyed creating assemblage jewelry and Day of the Dead shrines, which are also becoming more political. My political collages are in a new book called The Cost Of Freedom which can be found on Etsy in the shop of Whitney Trettien, who is one of the publishers of the book. And my unique books are handled by Vamp and Tramp booksellers in Birmingham, Alabama. I have so enjoyed meeting folks from all over the world through my Etsy shop, and the CCCOE street team is a wonderful supportive group which I am so pleased to be part of."


Tresijas said...

I loved learning about this incredibly talented artist. There is a depth to her work that is absolutely captivating!

prettycheapjewelry said...

Anyone who makes their living as a full-time artist earns my admiration. And I appreciate the more cerebral, high brow work of this woman.

AlliesAdornments said...

Thanks for sharing this great info about Elena Mary. Tresijas hit the nail on the head about the "depth of her work."