Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Julie of the Etsy shop JulieBCreative was born and raised in Western Upstate New York in a small town on the Erie Canal. "The rural landscapes and rust belt towns I grew up in remain the inspiration for much of my work. In 1998, I moved to Rhode Island to attend Roger Williams University, where I received a Bachelors degree in Mathematics. I have been painting for more than five years and now work primarily in acrylics. My work is in private collections all over the U.S., France, and Canada.

"I paint because I am a constant communicator and, for me, a visual vocabulary provides a highly fluid, accessible, and expressive way to tell stories. My most recent works, executed primarily in acrylics, often begin with a single visual “word”-– an image that evokes a moment or person in my life, a book that leaves a lasting impression, a found object that piques my curiosity. From that beginning, I layer vibrant colors, bold lines, and often iconic images to fashion works that appear simple and balanced in tone and composition, but strive to articulate more complex and resonant stories beneath.

"I am open to custom work, and one of my best sellers seems to be stylized paintings of people's homes. I started this stylized series because to me, a house becomes a living breathing being with its own unique untold story of families past. These memories are a fingerprint on each house, which makes them not quite haunted, but each with its own ghosts. I also do custom paintings of many other things as well."

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