Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Crafty Kitten

I am currently living with my darling husband, three cats, and one very spoiled pound rescue pup named Raisin, says Cassie Ogle. During warm months, she can be found in her studio blasting Ani Difranco on her stereo or on scaffolding working on a mural. During the cold months, she says she drives her husband crazy by taking over the rest of the house with her crafts. She also updates her blog several times her week.

Here's how Cassie describes her craftiness: "I have always been crafty. In December, I posted '30 Days of Kid Made' on my blog, which highlighted my crafty upbringing. I love to try new things and jump at the chance to do so. Quilting is my newest endeavor, and I am currently enrolled in a quilting class at my local college.

Her work can be found both in her Etsy shop and in Southwestern Virginia at the Appalachian Arts Center, near where she lives. "As far as my Etsy shop goes, it is currently full of hand-bound books with a mix of knit items. In 2006, I took part in a pilot program funded by Hand Made In America, where my local college was chosen to do several summer apprenticeships. I was one of the lucky people that participated and I am very proud to say that I have an Artisan Trade Apprenticeship Certificate in Hand Made Books. I had a slight book and paper obsession when I was a kid and the apprenticeship just seemed to fuse everything together, the books, paper, and crafting. I am currently working on developing a few sculptural pieces that I will be making as soon as it is warm enough to work in my studio again."

Cassie is also an avid knitter. "I also crochet, and I am currently learning to spin my own yarn on a drop spindle. I have also developed several knit patterns and one crochet pattern; a few can be found for free on my blog. I have plans to have a few of my knit patterns available for sale in my shop within the next year, after they have been through some rigorous pattern testing."


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