Friday, February 22, 2008

Amanda K. Lockrow Jewels

Amanda K. Lockrow is a born artist and her mother always knew it. But it took Amanda a while to realize her destiny as a metalsmith and jewelry designer. "I have always loved art and making since I was a young girl. My mother always knew I would be an artist in some way, while others pushed me to be more realistic and to 'use my brain.' I went to Syracuse University originally for communications. I bounced from there to fashion to art education to finally metalsmithing. All of this was prompted by a meeting with my faculty advisor. She asked me why was I not in the Visual Arts Program. Since I really had no answer I started working on my portfolio and taking drawing and painting classes."

Her passion for metalsmithing began when she took her first elective in college." I had no idea you could get a BFA in this and instantly fell in love. My college experience was amazing and strongly influences my designs now. I was able to explore fibers, sculpture, glass, painting, and photography along with my major." She utilizes techniques and materials from all of these when she creates her jewelry. "I do not think anyone should ever feel trapped in one material or technique so I consciously choose to not focus on one thing. I design a variety of lines within my line and believe this gives me great versatility. I am constantly inspired by the world around me. It may be a flower petal formation, the ocean waves, a piece of candy, a button, or a piece of discarded trash, all of it inspires a shape, color, or technique."

Amanda also believes in keeping an element of play in her studio and so an experiment will later inspire a finished piece. She makes all types of jewelry but focuses on rings and necklaces. Her jewelry is designed to be loved by the wearer. Amanda K Lockrow Jewelry is available in galleries and boutiques across the country and in Canada. Drop by and visit her blog

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palleikodesigns said...

Amanda's work is fabulous! I LOVE the necklace you chose to publish with this feature.