Thursday, February 21, 2008

Allie's Adornments

Alyssa of Allie's Adornments began her craft after inheriting some gorgeous buttons. "I found them too pretty not to want to look at over and over again so I started making jewelry as a way for me to wear and enjoy them as miniature pieces of art. That something as small and simple as a button can be so detailed with wonderful craftsmanship never ceases to amaze me."

Alyssa has always had a fondness and love of art. "My favorite places are galleries and museums and I am inspired by the craftsmanship of items that are well made and endure. I’ve been heavily influenced by antiques, especially those that down through my family, and find that a well made piece of furniture can be just as beautiful as a painting or piece of sculpture."

She subscribes to publisher William Randolph Hearst’s belief that in order to properly appreciate beautiful things, they must be utilized for the purpose that they were created. Eat off of the good china and silver, use the good crystal, and let them bring you joy every day instead of the once a year that they are brought out of the cabinet.

She also makes some "funkier" styles of jewelry with elements not always thought of as jewelry in the traditional sense -- things such as elongated pennies, taxidermy eyeballs, and foreign coins. However, her fascination remains with antiques, especially the tiny buttons because of their history.

And history is important to Alyssa. You will see many old family photos in the displays of her jewelry. Her avatar is one of her great-grandfather's cousins from the late 1800s or early 1900s. And she frequently uses several photos of three sisters Allie, Louise and Grace at various age; the two little girls in the photo of her hair pins are Allie (for whom the jewelry line is named), and her sister Louise, while the younger, pouty girl in the pram is Alyssa's great-grandmother, Grace.

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