Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nancy McNally, LocalColorist

Nancy, the proprietor of Local Colorist on Etsy is a native San Franciscan, and mother of two grown children raised in SF (all three are practicing artists). "Some people are compelled to create art and crafts whether or not they have an audience. I am one of those people who keep on making art no matter what is going on. I do appreciate a community like Etsy," says Nancy. "Today it takes an electronic world wide village to help keep art alive."

Nancy began painting at age nine because art was a life preserver in a stormy childhood. A mother of one of her classmates in 4th grade, "a beautiful woman from France," taught her class watercolor and chalk pastels, beginning a life-long love of both art and France.

As a teenager, Nancy began creating theater sets, costumes, landscape and interior design. She simply can't resist adorning myriad surfaces with color, form, and light. "Learning new techniques is crucial for me. Joining Etsy is a an opportunity to learn about other practicing artists all over the world." She is active on Etsy in the California Crafters Club of Etsy, and enjoys discovering and promoting new artists on the site.

Right now, the ancient art of origami has her attention and her love, and it shows in the beauty of the peace cranes she creates. She shares her love by teaching children, teens and adults how to make peace cranes at public forums.


Tresijas said...

I learned a few things that I didn't know. Nancy is a pillar in our virtual community. Wonderful article :)

Tresijas said...

Wonderful article! I love learning new things about the people behind the avatars. Nancy is a pillar in our virtual community and it was great to see her featured!

Amanda K Lockrow said...

Wonderful feature!

wzgirl said...

I have one of the very cranes pictured here on my desk at work. It is so inspirational to regard such simple beauty.

elenamary said...

Nancy's cranes are exquisite..I love the one she sent me!