Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Artemisia Designs

"Let the beauty we love be what we do."
-- Rumi

Her jewelry has the appearance of music, and it's clear that this is a woman whose many talents feed each other. "I really like the creative process of designing something new or stumbling upon a great combination by accident," says Lupe of Artemisia Designs. "Having a new idea is so fun, and seeing how unlikely things can be put together to make something beautiful." Lupe particularly likes interesting color combinations and mixing and matching different metals and. She has been reconstructing jewelry from found objects and old jewelry from thrift stores for over 20 years. With the opening of her Etsy store, she's begun to do more cold forging with silver and copper. "I really enjoy that process of moving the metal around," she says.

Like many artists, Lupe finds her greatest inspiration in nature. "Plants and flowers are sort of a theme in my life -- gardening, farming, spending a lot of time in nature hiking. I have a deep admiration for nature's beauty and the perfect imperfection and purity. I am also inspired by the bold colors and designs in tribal/ethnic styles from all over -- India, Africa, Middle East, Mexico , and native American," says the proprietor of Artemisia Designs.

Lupe has so many creative pursuits that she feels there are just never enough hours in the day to pursue them all. "I have 12 years of stained glass experience and a deep love and appreciation for the craft. I have also made and sold basketry, jewelry, pottery and seed beadwork for years. Then about six years ago, she began painting with acrylics and finds it a fun way to create and express ideas. In addition, she has gotten into photography -- "almost by accident...I got a camera just to take pictures of flowers so I could have them when it was winter for drawing...but then the love of photography took hold." Nonetheless, given the opportunity, Lupe will be outdoors in her garden where the light is perfect for drawing plants.

Her creative endeavors seem almost boundless -- she has played the violin for the last 15 years and has begun to write music this last year. "I guess I pursue alot of creative paths," she says. "I am so grateful for these pursuits, they're teaching me a lot and give back so much."

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