Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pampering Beki

Beki H. of Pampering Beki, began making custom, handmade jewelry in 2003. Since that time, she has been featured in such online publications as Journal Modiste and has sold items to local upscale boutiques and internationally.

Her designs feature the best of timeless elegance and trendy looks, with the end result being quality jewelry that will look as new and fresh years from now as it does today. Each piece is made on professional grade beading wire and always finished with a sterling silver clasp.

Beki employs a lot of natural stones in her designs. The use of such stones gives each piece a totally unique look, as nature never repeats itself. Thus, each piece with natural stones is truly one of a kind.

Beki lives in Kansas with her husband, and her three children, a daughter, aged 7, and two sons ages 6 and 1. A former flight attendant, Beki is truly enjoying being home with her children. Making beautiful jewelry is, she says, the best way for her to remain home with her family and still have a creative outlet. Stop by to visit her blog, too.

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