Monday, December 31, 2007

From My Brush

From My Brush is a Florida artist who loves to paint in acrylics, water color, and pen and ink with watercolor wash. "I got started as an artist when I retired from my second career, my husband had passed away and my daughter was through college and well on her way to a bright future.I always had a little artistic creative flair so I decided I wanted to learn to paint.I entered the school of Folk Art in Daytona Beach," she says.

For 11 years she has enjoyed painting with the same intructor and same group of friends. She paints two hours daily. Everything around her is inspirational. "I love the trees, birds, ocean but oh, epescially the flowers. Somewhere I read that flowers were God's artwork, and I use that as my slogan. I found Etsy (where she is known as glory2727) and now I can enjoy my art and share it with others."

Her canvases are large 16x20 art renderings, candles, glass bud vases, wine glasses,wood, note cards and bookmarks. She also hand-paints designs on small letters for name boards. Visit her web site and her blog.

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