Wednesday, August 11, 2010

#68 and #69 Christmas and tiny-ness

This marathon of envelope-making has been a lot of fun. Last night I broke into my most favorite papers and will have a lot of new theme-related envelopes that I can hardly wait to show you in the next few days -- monkeys, zebras, measuring tapes, butterflies and more. Today, however, I listed a new set of Christmas envelopes in magenta etched with silver

and some more of the teeniest imaginable envelopes in a beautiful green swirly card stock, weighing in at a mere 1.25 inches square. As always, you can click on the photos to get more detail or to visit my Etsy shop.

I had high hopes that I would find a new scrapbook store over on this side of the Caldecott Tunnel -- I love exploring my new home -- but like many other scrapbook stores, it's closed now. That means, however, that I get to keep going to Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley for my paper-buying excursions. And that means a chance to eat my favorite apple salad at Fatapples.

See you tomorrow.

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