Friday, February 6, 2009

This week

This was a big week for my shop. I made several series of cards, which are sampled above; I bought my first ad on, and the CCCOE handmadeincalifornia gift guide went live, where I have both a listing and an ad. I also joined the EtsyTwitter Team, have been using Google Analytics, and uploaded my shop to Google Base using LetsEts to format the .xml file. I tried Twitter Magpie and junked it, preferring my own Twitter postings to using the site just for ads or promotion.

Another thing I did that was kind of fun was have a great 15-minute sale (any five cards for $10), which I announced on my team threads and on Twitter. Maybe next time I'll list it in the promotions section of the Etsy Forums. I might even do that tonight just to see what kind of results I get.

I also made my first two sales in my 1000 markets shop -- very exciting. And I went through and changed the exposure on 150 photos and then reloaded them to both my Etsy site and my 1000markets shop. I cleaned up my Flickr site, too. And I found out that I have been on a few front pages recently. The next thing I'd lilke to start doing is blog interviews again -- that was fun and it's exciting to learn about and promote other people's shops.

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