Sunday, January 11, 2009

Valentine's Day is coming

I got my first request for this year's batch of teeny tiny envelopes for Valentine's Day this morning. That was a fun project, and, of course, led to a trip to not one, but two craft shops. Scrapbook Territory is one of my all time favorite shops because they have beautiful paper, wonderful stamps and a great store dog named Wilbur. Diane is the friendly proprietor. I also went to Michael's. You know what that's like. I got a new pad of beautiful double-sided cardstock, some Valentine's cardstock to make more teeny tiny envelopes, and some stamps for making my Valentine's cards. The visions of them are starting to dance in my head. Look for them in my shop in the days to come.

1 comment:

Chrisy said...

Oh I love little things...there's somethin about them! I think u need to encourage male buyers to purchase a couple of dozen and then maybe give them suggestions as to what gifts could go with each one...wouldn't it be nice to wake up on valentines day to 24 gifts...with tiny envelopes!