Friday, February 8, 2008

Prossack Designs

"I've always been involved in crafts, and I don't think I've ever wandered too far away from them. If I haven't been creating, I've been buying... I am a rather eclectic artist/crafter - always experimenting and playing with new ways of doing, and new materials," says Michelle of Prossack Designs.

"I was a professional calligrapher, and then I learned how to hand marble paper - and book arts just sort of naturally went hand in hand with both of those things. Unfortunately, because of growing chemical sensitivities, I haven't been able to produce new papers. But, being the computer geek that I am, I realized that I could use my computer so that I don't have to give up my marbling. I have been able to reproduce my original papers, and manipulate them into new variations - so I still get to play with my papers and make things from them. Although they're not all really quite paper anymore!

"I love making my journals, I think because it's so wonderful to know that people still like the tactile experience of writing out their thoughts, instead of just typing into their computers. I like being able to provide an artistic 'vehicle' for them to use.

"I'm also having fun using my new 'papers' to create jewelry, and sculptural pieces. I'm the kind of artisan that can't seem to do just one 'thing.'"

She finds inspiration everywhere and in everything -- "New ideas just seem to randomly pop into my head. Aren't all creative people like that?"

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