Thursday, February 7, 2008


Gleepsie has always loved coloring and crafty projects. During high school (and the boredom of two study halls every day), she began to develop her drawing talents without benefit of taking a high school art class. (She was busy with band.) It wasn't until college that she took the advice of her mother, who suggested that she major in graphic design, and which, says Gleepsie, was the best advice her mom ever gave her.

These days, Gleepsie has multiple interests, including photography, tatting, crocheting, ACEO's, drawing, painting, reading, watching movies, UFC, LOST -- and picking on QuirkynBerkeley in the Etsy RedRoom, she adds with an emoticon grin.

But what she really loves is editing and creating in photoshop. "I love making custom banners and packages for fellow Etsians. I am expanding from offering just banners and avatars to including matching note cards, price tags, bookmarks (great promotional give-aways), business cards, product labels/tags, coupons, gift cards or anything else my customers can think of. There are so many possibilities! These are all delivered to the customer as digital files so they can pick their paper and print these out as often as they may need them."

She also applies her digital skills to making digital files for craft sheets. "I make a lot using vintage images of objects, as well as paintings. I have a few available using my photography and I plan on making some with digital illustrations that I create."

Gleepsie has so many new ideas everyday that it is hard to pick just one to work on! I'd love to do this and freelance graphic design as my full time job one day soon. Very soon, she adds.