Friday, January 4, 2008


subu was created in loving memory of two amazing women: Sue (aka subu) and Rose, says Emily, the proprietor. She explains that the company was started as a way to indulge her crafting and artistic adventures, as well as to be in wonderful and supportive community of like-minded individuals. Emily's primary modality is paper - using it to create books and notepads. She is fascinated with bookmaking and the variations that it allows. In it she finds the amazing range of materials and the technical detail that combine the gifts of my mother's creativity with my father's scientific inclinations. Her father Rich, who is a potter, has in fact recently joined Emily on Etsy.

The two developed their crafts from very different experiences. Rich began to learn how to be a wheel potter when he was a third year medical student and needed a way to relax and do something non-medical. "I was fortunate that there was a ceramics studio near where I was living and the owners were very kind and patient. Over the next year or so they taught me the basics." Over 30 years later, he still enjoys throwing on the wheel and developing new shapes and decorative approaches for his work. In general, he wants his work to be affordable and for people to use his ceramics on a daily basis. He hopes that people will also appreciate the hand-made nature of a wheel thrown pot and the beauty and variation of the form and glaze that make the piece unique.

Emily started bookmaking about a year and a half ago and fell in love with the craft. "I love the detail and the variability that bookmaking allows. i have always been creative and used many different outlets to channel it." Although she enjoys all of her bookmaking, her favorite work is her recycled notebooks. "They are super fun to make and satisfy my need for instant gratification." By contrast, she finds the handbound books satisfying in a different way. "They take a lot longer to make, but seeing the end product makes the wait worth it in the end," she says. She draws inspiration from numerous sources: paper and fabrics, stamps and inks, buttons, and color; by seeing other people's creativity; by reading Martha Stewart Magazine and real simple; by listening to good music; through hearing other people's ideas for books. "They all make my fingers tingle and get me excited to make things."

Emily is a member of the Pittsburgh Craft Mafia and also the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team (BEST). She invites you to check out her blog.


subu said...

thanks for the write-up!! it's sort of sureal to see it up there.

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those books are beautiful and Emily is a wonderful person!