Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Shell Mitchell

Shell Mitchell has always loved to make pretty things. "When I was five I begged my mother to let me use her sewing machine so I could make a fluffy pink skirt - the ones in the store were just not fluffy enough! Under her supervision, and many yards of tulle later, I had my very first one-of-a-kind creation."

Today, the joy of making and wearing unique, one-of-a-kind items is still with her. "As someone who gets cold when temperatures dip below 70, having a good pair of gloves suited for wearing indoors is really important to me, and I need them to be fingerless so I can still get my work done." Shell started altering her own gloves 10 years ago after not being able to find any fingerless gloves that were cute enough to wear to the very stylish office she was working in at the time. A decade later, she is still making and selling them as a part-time job. She is, in fact, in the middle of a long love affair with gloves. "Taking something basic and turning it into something beautiful and functional has been tremendously satisfying for me." Shell also likes to recreate vintage dresses into modern, wearable pieces.

Shell is inspired by people, travel, life, nature, art - you name it! The whimsy of Japanese street style fascinates her and she strives to incorporate that into her life. She makes an annual pilgrimage to the Burning Man art festival, "The creativity there is always amazing. Somehow that week of craziness always gets me back on track with my priorities in order."

Basically, however, she finds inspiration most often in small ways every day. "Sometimes it is a flower blooming in the yard, a girl walking down the street... anything that makes my heart smile will find it's way into my work sooner or later." Find out more about her work at her blog.

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