Thursday, January 10, 2008

K is for Calligraphy

Katy of K is for Calligraphy, has a bachelor of science in accounting and a minor in French, so she never expected to be a self-employed professional calligrapher. Her mom, however, had a hunch that calligraphy was in her daughter's future, and nudged her toward a calligraphy class as soon as she learned how to write. But it was a couple of decades before Katy followed her mom's hunch (and a prompt from the other side of her brain) and enrolled, and now has a career as a professional calligrapher.

"Handmade is my creative choice," she says. "Whether it is a handmade birthday card or an original place card, it is my belief that giving is best when you are giving handmade. I cannot imagine a day without doing calligraphy or creating something new."

She is a proud member of Etsy Paper.

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KisforCalligraphy said...

Thank you Carol for your feature on my shop! It looks great! You are the best. Three cheers for Etsy!
Indelibly, Katy