Monday, January 28, 2008


BONZIE has been obsessed by art and design since she was small, and suspected even then that she would study fashion design at the National College of Art and Design in Ireland, where she lives. " I'm consumed by creativity, my mind is always churning over with ideas," she says.

Her favourite items to make are corsets. "These have always been a fave of mine because i guess they remind me of yester year, I love the oldy worldy look about them, not to mention the fact that they are very feminine and seductive. Love to see a clients face light up when I give that final tug on the lacing and they realise they look a size smaller -- it's priceless," she says.

Bonzie is constantly thinking about design and her next project. "I suppose we pick up inspiration from our environment all around. I would say however, that I get a lot of ideas from looking back. I love anything antique or old or aged, always prefer fabrics that are somewhat old; if I have to buy new pieces I can't help but distress them in some way!! I feel its more romantic, and has more character." She loves anything Victorian, Medieval, Renaissance, Gothic, basically anything with a bit of history and drama attached.

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