Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Art by Heather

"I've been making messes since the day I was born," says Heather, proprietor of Art by Heather. "I love to create but the process is slightly disrupting! At the moment, I am intrigued with altered art and random creativity."

This stay-at-home mom, a self-described Pollyanna who always looked at the bright side, has always "dabbled in artsy-fartsy, crafty stuff." The offerings in her Etsy shop are only the latest in a long line of creative endeavors. She tries to reflect her positive outlook in her art, and likes to make things that make her laugh. "Hopefully you'll chuckle a bit as well," she says. The cards and dominoes in her shop were born as she looked through her collection of old photographs one day. "Chuck and Barb wanted to share their love...then Mildred gave me a dirty look and just to spite her I put her on a card. The others soon followed...and there are lots more to come!"

Heather is inspired by people...all kinds of people. "Preferably fun, quirky, ODD people. The kind most of us can relate to! My primary goal is always to make people smile...preferably to break out into a full-on knee-slapping laugh!"


HA! Designs said...

Thanks for featuring me! You're awesome! I love that you picked Chuck and Barb to represent me...they're doing a fine job!

ThisOldHenHouse said...

hehehe, that card is too cute! thanks for turning me onto a new shop!!

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