Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pretty Cheap Jewelry

"Nothing Here is Cheap Except the Price" broadcasts the shop of Pretty Cheap Jewelry, a.k.a. prettycheap. “Customers either love or cringe at the name,” says Nina Danza, sole proprietor of the company, “Ever since I opened, I have to explain my products have high quality and exceptional value.”

For example, her Turquoise Hoop Earrings are priced at $5.00. Nina gives the classic style a unique imprint by facing the hoops forward for more visual impact. She uses top notch materials, such as genuine turquoise and sterling silver flattened French wires.

So why are the prices so low? “I design as a creative outlet to balance an otherwise technical day job,” explains Nina, “and am perfectly satisfied that customers find the work delightful and affordable.” She is a bargain lover herself and blogs inside a money savers website full of tips for any size income. See the handmade category on her blog.

Classic styling and clever design characterize the jewelry at prettycheap. Freshwater pearl spray earrings suit any age, but the glass heart charm in her Cherish Red Earrings speak volumes of love. “A customer once described my jewelry as 'delicate and feminine' at a craft fair,” she reports.

You don’t have to spend a lot to GET a lot at Pretty Cheap Jewelry. In fact, have some free fun by trying your luck in the trivia contest open to all shop visitors. Just go to her Etsy shop and give it your best guess! A free prize awaits the correct answer. No shipping. No strings. No kidding.

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