Monday, December 17, 2007

Macaroni and Glitter

Steven James inspires students, clients and the occassional stranger with a unique approach to creative living, "Always nurture the creative spirit, it's existed in each of us since birth, but goes MIA as our lives fill with rules and responsibilities."

He educates the masses on the D.I.Y. approach to living with his appearances on the HGTV and the DIY networks. Each class is designed to nurture the creative spirit and spark the imagination of students. He provides most tools for classes and all classes include informational handouts, thoughtful demonstrations, hands-on experience and the completion of a project students can be proud of. For more information about classes, including formal proposals and class fees contact Steven at

He also works as freelance project designer for Lark Books and his independent work has appeared in several publications including ReadyMade, BeadStyle, BeadUnique and Budget Living, as well as various newspapers and websites around the country.

A former university educator, Steven has a B.A. in Art and Public Relations, as well as an M.A. in Organizational Leadership. He resides in San Francisco where he operates macaroni & glitter, a website devoted to creative living.

Right now, he is working to help stamp out hunger through semi-postal stamps. see his Etsy store announcement or click here for more details.

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