Friday, February 1, 2008

CCCOE January Challenge Entries - SCIENCE

These are the 27 entries for this month's challenge.

27. The Marie Curie Origami Peace Crane

26. dichroic DNA by jenifereadington

25. Theoretical No. 1 - blank note card set with visible green squid
by audelaine

24. Serotonin Necklace - for happiness by molecularmuse

23.A New Beginning Ring by AmandaKLockrowJewels

22. ALBERT EINSTEIN soldered glass pendant by DesignsbyTami

21. Starry Sky by RedBessBonney

20. I Am Having Heart Palpitations by NeedleWorks

19. Transistor Earrings by luchi

18. Phrenology tie by knittergirl

17. Star bracelet by appleandstar

16. bbzz by OhCuddles

15. A Heavenly Body by PamelaJean

14. Salute to Gregor Mendel by ArttoWearDiva

13. elemental aka chaos theory by mrsm

12. Dichroic Computer Chip Fused Glass Pendant by CalyxAnn

11. Shell Bracelet (Marine Biology) by PalleikoDesigns

10. Marching Prehistoric Lava Bugs Bracelet by cigarboxbeads

9. Paige the Wild Carrot by buttercupbloom

8. Victorian astronomy necklace by AlliesAdornmentss

7. Girls are Great Science Students by TresLocas

6. Albert Einstein Soft Sculpture by peggradyart

5. Sum of Two Halves Necklace (w/free matching earrings) by prettycheap

4. Science is Sexy by Surly

3. Scanning the Universe by ElenaMary

2. Intravenous by Tresijas

1. MI CORAZON by SandySimone

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Calyx Ann said...

Wow! This is gonna be difficult! Eeny-meeny-miney-moe....