Thursday, January 31, 2008

KIG Gifts

"It all started with seedbeads, anklets, then hemp, earrings, earrings bracelets and necklaces. Now it’s pendants. Pendants have been the longest stretch so far," says Kathy of KIG. "I think what I like most about them is their simplicity and ability to make a statement without being too showy."

She likes to make are of places that she has already visited or that she aspires to visit one day . "My pendants make me think of my travels and all the great experiences that I had." Teaching in Southern Japan for a year was one of those experiences, and has led to a deep love for Nippon and all things Japanese. So it's no surprise that many of her pendants are of Japanese stamps, images and maps. "The stamps that I use in my pendants are from my personal collection and stamps that I have acquired through the years."

Kathy is inspired by other talented artists on Etsy. "There is such variety here it’s amazing." She is also inspired by her sister who has made art her career, and who also has a shop on Etsy and is featured in many galleries in Montréal. "I would love for my jewelry to be my career... I admire those who have taken the leap."

Visit her blog to learn more about Kathy and her work.

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whimsicalpam said...

Your interviews are wonderful. What an incredible variety of unique items!
thank you for a great read and beautiful visual show.